№ 2 (12) in 2014 year

Analytical reviews

A.E. Alekseeva, N.F. Brusnigina Possibility and perspectives of massive parallel sequencing methods application in the diagnostics and epidemiological surveillance of infection diseases
I.V. Solovyeva, A.G. Tochilina, I.V. Belova, N.A. Novikova, T.P. Ivanova The lactobacillus biological properties. Prospects of express-methods nucleic acid amplification for the foods, food supplements and drugs on its basis quality control
N.V. Epifanova, N.A. Novikova Role of adenoviruses in the occurrence of acute enteric infections in children
S.G. Fomina, N.A. Novikova Enteroviruses in children with gastroenteritis
A.V. Matveichev, V.Yu. Talayev, M.I. Tsiganova, E.V. Mokhonova, Z.I. Nikitina, V.N. Koptelova Autoimmune processes and vaccination against socially significant diseases
T.N. Bystrova, Yu.V. Mikhaylova The molecular and genetic characteristic of a virus of hepatitis C
Yu.V. Mikhaylova, T.N. Bystrova Immunological and molecular and genetic methods in an epidemiological surveillance for hepatitis С-infection
N.N. Zaytseva, E.I. Efimov, N.N. Nosov, O.V. Parfenova, O.Yu. Peksheva Modern molecular genetic research methods in epidemiological surveillance of HIV infection
V.Yu. Talayev, M.V. Plechanova, A.V. Matveichev In vitro models for investigation of vaccine component action upon dendritc cell maturation
V.Yu. Talayev, M.V. Plechanova Investigation of the dendritic cell migration and the anigen traffic for perfecting of immunoprofilaxis agents
E.N. Filatova, O.V. Utkin Modern approaches to herpesvirus infection modelling
A.A. Zalesskikh, T.N. Bystrova Molecular genetic characterization of hepatitis A virus