№ 4 (9) in 2013 year

Topical issues of ozone therapy

A.G.Kulikov Ozone therapy - an effective method of treatment and rehabilitation
E.I. Nazarov The adaptive hypothesis of systemic ozone therapy or why ozone always shifts the biochemical parameters of the organism towards standard level?
N.Y.Vexler About antibacterial, detoxicating and immune stimulating effects of ozone A
A.A. Martusevich, E.V. Ivannikova, A.K. Martusevich, S.P. Peretyagin The dynamics of physical-chemical indices of distilled water during its treatment with sources of reactive oxygen species
A.K. Martusevich, A.G. Solovieva, S.P. Peretyagin, N.V. Didenko The influence of treatment with NO-containing cold plasma on the level of blood nitrotyrosine in vitro
B.V. Metelkin, T.S. Pronina Ultraviolet radiation of blood in the treatment of toxic encephalopathies
I.S. Simutis, A.V. Deryugina, G.A. Boyarinov, A.I. Senyurina, N.A. Andreeva The change of electrophoretic mobility and form of erythrocytes during ozone action on erythrocytic concentrate
R.M. Zaitsev, A.Yu. Yakovlev, S.Yu. Vlaskin, A.V. Abramov Nonselective and selective methods of detoxication of patients with obstetric sepsis
D.V. Ruzhenkov, Yu.A. Kochergin The use of biochemiluminometer BCL-07 in the assessment of the ozone therapy effectiveness
K.S. Mochalov Free-radical processes of the formation of reactive oxygen species during the action of immunoglobulin preparations
E.I. Nazarov V.G. Vongaj, T.A. Glukhenkaya The new method of extracorporeal treatment of large volumes of blood by ozone-oxygen mixture (EBOO RU)
A.V. Alyasova, K.N. Kontorshikova, I.G. Terentiev, S.N. Tsybusov The influence of ozonized physiological solution on the presence of microelements and indices of lipid peroxidation in case of tumor growth
V.N. Mitrofanov, O.P. Zhivtsov The treatment of purulent wounds with the help of physical coercion
E.I. Kuzmina, O.V. Kostina, N.V. Didenko The experimental assessment of the condition of free-radical balance in the brain cells in case of thermoinhalation trauma and in the terms of the effect of Microgidrin
V.I. Karelin, S.N. Buranov, O.A. Pimenov, V.D. Selemir, A.S. Shirshin Plasma-chemical facility for NO-therapy
S.N. Buranov, V.I. Karelin, O.A. Pimenov, V.D. Selemir, A.S. Shirshin Ozone generators and a new generation of local water treatment plant on the basis of their
O.I. Kvasha, V.P. Bykov, I.V. Sinelshikova, A.Kh. Borkhanov, D.A. Al-Daravish NO-therapy in treatment of burn ischemia conjunctiva (clinical trials)